Start date : 03.05.2005
President :
Mr. Mohanan Painat - 9447011345
Secretary :
K.G.JOSHI - 9496983367
News & Events

14 Jan 2022

Punarjani Residential Camp

Punarjani Residential Camp to improve the quality of services provided was partaken by Physiotherapists and Assistants of all link centres that took place in Tharavad from January 14th till 16th 2022.

01 Sep 2021

Happiness Club

Alpha's Happiness Club was formed in September 2021, an initiative to financially support the patients and their families of Alpha Dialysis Centre.

10 Mar 2021

Vaccination Centre

Alpha Vaccination Centre commenced and was able to vaccinate up to 50,000 people.

Covid treatment centers with ventilator facility
Oxygen cylinders donated by supporters from all around the world
Tharavad - Dialysis vehicle flag off
Tharavad - Dialysis vehicle
Tharavad - Oxygen Cylinder & Ventilator 1
Tharavad - Oxygen Cylinder & Ventilator 2
Tharavad - Oxygen Cylinder & Ventilator 6
Tharavad - Oxygen Cylinder & Ventilator
Tharavad - Zoom
Transporting oxygen cylinders and ventillators
Treatment for covid patients