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Alpha Charitable Trust

There are some things on earth beyond anyone’s control. Like illness and calamities. But even then, there are some things that each one of us can do. We can work towards easing pain and suffering. Work towards providing a quality of life that every human being deserves. A chance to reveal another’s suffering is the most nobel opportunity each of us has. The chance to make a change. This is the guiding principle of the Alpha Charitable Trust. The Alpha Charitable Trust was formed in 2004 with the objective to serve humanity by reducing suffering amongst fellow human beings. The trust comprises of trustees Mr. K. M. Noordeen and Mrs. Thahira Noordeen.

We also believe every human being we touch is entitled to the best quality of care that can be offered. From physical to mental care, we always provide the best we can. We are backed with a team of qualified and committed physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and counsellors who ensure the best medical support possible. We are also proud of our support staff and body of volunteers who are committed to our cause.

Alpha Palliative care and Alpha Dialysis Center are legal entities of the Alpha Charitable Trust. Punarjani, our physiotherapy clinic works towards providing a new life to patients who are recovering from serious illness. Every one of our initiatives has tried to touch another human being’s life. To ease their pain and to give them a chance of a better life.