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Most individuals who require palliative care are tended to by their family and friends, but this might not always be feasible. Here lies the importance of a palliative care team. Alpha-Link Centers operate under Alpha Hospices to provide home care, daycare and Punarjani (Neurorehabilitation) care. We follow a ‘hub and spokes’ model, where the hub is the Hospice working at the district level and the spokes are Link Centers working at block panchayat levels. Alpha Hospices are essentially designed for symptom control, not for long term stay. Alpha Hospice, a home with a simple hospital service, is available for 24*7 hours. Patients with pain, fatigue, vomiting, breathlessness and various other problems can be admitted for symptom management for a few hours or days, and either return home to their families or transfer to a nursing home in the absence of a family. That may be about the end-of-life treatment as well.

Alpha Hospices also provide training in palliative medicine to physicians, nurses and community volunteers and distribute palliative drugs to various hospice link centers.