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We aim to increase the quality of life of both the patient and their families by alleviating the pain and other distressing symptoms of the illness, in addition to the associated medical, social, psychological and spiritual issues. We provide free holistic support to our patients with medical services including Home Care, In-Patient Care, Physiotherapy Care, medicines and other support therapies like Speech & Occupational therapies as well as psychological, social and spiritual support within the family and home environment. Specially qualified palliative care physicians, physiotherapists, nurses and social workers concentrate on patient treatment while hundreds of community volunteers focus on social care. Alpha has 16 dialysis machines delivering dialysis services and actively treating thousands of kidney patients. All the services provided including the dialysis services are completely free of cost for all the patients irrespective of their background. Due to the increased and urgent demand for dialysis services we are planning to double the number of dialysis machines shortly.