Care, begins with understanding

Effective care, begins with understanding. Understanding the emotional, spiritual and the medical needs. Effective care calls for compassion, as much as it calls for science and therapy. Alpha is an organisation of passionate individuals, professionals and humanitarians who have come together with a common goal to ease suffering and improve quality of life.

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The times have been tough. Unfortunately, tougher on some.

In the time of the pandemic, the palliative care patients risk being highly vulnerable. With pre-existing conditions, they face severe effects from the infection. Alpha is committed to support patients under palliative care who have contracted the virus. And do everything we possibly can. We urge you to support us. Because together, we can do much more.

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What we do

Alpha Palliative Care stands as a beacon of hope, with our dedicated hospices and Alpha Link centres tirelessly working around the clock, 24/7. Our mission is clear: to provide holistic care to countless fellow human beings in desperate need of palliative support.

At Alpha, we go beyond traditional care. In addition to our comprehensive palliative services, we offer free physiotherapy through our Punarjani initiative and extend vital dialysis support to patients. We believe in addressing the diverse needs of our community, ensuring that everyone receives the care they deserve.

What sets Alpha Palliative Care apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our team comprises some of the most passionate and competent professionals in the field, dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care. Trust Alpha to be your ally in the journey towards comfort, dignity, and well-being.

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How we do it

At Alpha, our commitment to compassionate care is embodied in a simple yet powerful principle: to provide unwavering support to every patient, transcending the boundaries of religion, caste, creed, gender, political affiliation, or socio-economic condition – and all of this on a no-cost basis.

Embracing diversity is at the core of our approach. Alpha operates on a 'hub and spoke' model, strategically placing link centers across the state. This model ensures that our care reaches every corner, breaking down barriers and making healthcare accessible to all. These link centers operate with local support and patronage, acting as vital extensions of the central office.

Our decentralized structure empowers communities, allowing them to play an active role in the well-being of their residents. The link centers, guided by the central office, become beacons of localized support. This collaborative model not only fosters community engagement but also ensures that our services are tailored to the unique needs of each region.

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1 Nazeer A K Palliative Care 12-02-2024 Kerala/India 10000
2 Anonymous Palliative Care Head Office 28-12-2023 Kerala/India 1
3 Sujith Sugathan Palliative Care Mathilakam 04-12-2023 Kerala/India 5000
4 LG Kuttukaran Palliative Care HeadOffice 25-11-2023 dubai/United Arab Emirates 3000
5 Anonymous Palliative Care HeadOffice 21-11-2023 Karnataka/India 10000
6 Anonymous Crowd Funding Pazhayannur 20-11-2023 Kerala/India 3000
7 Anonymous Crowd Funding Thrissur 17-11-2023 India 200
8 LG Kuttukaran Palliative Care HeadOffice 06-11-2023 dubai/United Arab Emirates 6000
9 Sajin Shanmughan Palliative Care Ollur 31-10-2023 Qatar 5000
10 sethumadhavan pattath Palliative Care Thrissur 30-10-2023 Kerala/India 3000

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