Alpha Hub And Spoke Model

Alpha Palliative Care embraces the hub and spoke model, recognizing that the majority of individuals in need of palliative care benefit most from receiving support within the comfort of their own residences. This model facilitates a broader reach through multiple hospices and associated Link Centers, ensuring that palliative care remains accessible to everyone in need.

Here's how the model operates: the hub represents the Hospice, operating at the district level, and the spokes represent Link Centers, working at block panchayat levels. Alpha Hospices are purposefully designed for symptom control, offering a home-like environment with basic hospital facilities. Open 24/7, Alpha Hospices provide a haven where individuals experiencing pain, nausea, vomiting, breathlessness, and other difficulties can be admitted for symptom control, whether for a few hours or days. After receiving care, patients can then return home to their families or, in the absence of family support, transition to a care home.

The Link Centers, as spokes in the model, play a crucial role in providing home care services. Operating at the block panchayat level, these centers consist of a dedicated team comprising nurses, physiotherapists, drivers, and visiting doctors. They deliver regular home care services, serving as the backbone of Alpha Palliative Care's comprehensive and community-focused service delivery mechanism. This approach ensures that individuals receive the necessary care and support tailored to their unique needs in the familiar and supportive environment of their homes.