The Happiness Club, an integral support group, has been established to bolster the efforts of the Alpha Dialysis Center by generating funds for treatments and family welfare initiatives. This philanthropic community invites individuals from society to become members and actively contribute to its mission.

Membership in The Happiness Club is open to 2500 individuals who wish to participate in this noble cause through an annual donation structure. Donors have the option to make a yearly contribution of Rs 12,000, which serves as the total membership fee for the annual membership period.

As valued members of The Happiness Club, individuals receive membership cards, providing them with a tangible connection to the community. Additionally, members stay informed about the club's activities through a newsletter and actively participate in regular Zoom meetings. This structure not only fosters a sense of belonging but also ensures transparency and engagement, allowing members to witness the impact of their contributions on the vital initiatives undertaken by the Alpha Dialysis Center.

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80G Tax Receipt will be issued for all donations and sent to the donors by email. Download the Approval under section 80G of Income tax act from here.