What We Do

At Alpha Palliative Care, our mission is to elevate the quality of life for both patients and their families by providing comprehensive care that extends beyond the conventional boundaries of palliative support. We are dedicated to alleviating not only the physical pain but also addressing the broader spectrum of medical, social, psychological, and spiritual challenges associated with illness.

Our holistic approach encompasses an array of services tailored to the unique needs of each individual and family. From the familiarity of home to the dedicated facilities of our In-Patient Care, we bring specialized medical services directly to our patients. Physiotherapy care, essential medicines, and support therapies such as Speech & Occupational Therapies are seamlessly integrated into our holistic care model.

Beyond the purely medical realm, we recognize the importance of psychological, social, and spiritual support. Our approach extends to the entire family environment, where we provide integrated family support. Specially qualified professionals, including palliative care physicians, physiotherapists, nurses, and social workers, work collaboratively to ensure a holistic treatment plan.

A key pillar of our support system is the invaluable contribution of community volunteers. Their dedication to social care complements the efforts of our professionals, creating a network of support that goes beyond the clinical setting.

In addressing the pressing needs of kidney patients, we operate 16 dialysis machines, actively treating thousands of individuals. Importantly, all our services, including dialysis, are offered completely free of cost, ensuring accessibility for all patients, regardless of their background. In response to the growing demand for dialysis services, we are actively planning to double the number of machines, reinforcing our commitment to meeting the urgent healthcare needs of the community.

At Alpha Palliative Care, our holistic and compassionate approach aims to break down barriers to care, fostering a supportive environment for patients and their families throughout their healthcare journey.