At Alpha, we believe in empowering communities to actively contribute to compassionate care, fostering a unique and collaborative approach to palliative support. Our community ownership model is at the core of our mission, with each center within the Alpha network owned and operated by dedicated local volunteers deeply committed to the well-being of their neighbors.

Our commitment to community involvement goes beyond mere ownership; it extends to education and empowerment. Through sensitization programs and comprehensive volunteer training, we cultivate empathy and essential skills among our dedicated volunteers. By providing education and training, we aim to enable communities to actively engage in palliative care, creating a network of compassionate support.

Identifying ideal and committed leaders is pivotal in our pursuit of sustainable care. Alpha invests in recognizing individuals who not only harbor passion for their communities but also uphold the principles of compassionate care. These leaders play a crucial role in managing sustainable Link Centres tailored to the specific needs of their localities.

At the heart of our governance structure is the Central Council, a diverse body comprising elected representatives from each Link Centre. This council forms the cornerstone of our decision-making process, ensuring that the varied perspectives of each community are taken into account in collective decision-making and policy matters.

The Governing Council, comprised of nominated members from the Central Council, takes leadership action to implement policies and decisions. This executive body provides guidance and direction to day-to-day activities, serving as the driving force behind the realization of our shared vision. Through the Governing Council, policies are translated into impactful actions, ensuring that our commitment to compassionate care is upheld in every aspect.

At Alpha, our governance model reflects our firm belief that true transformation in palliative care occurs when communities actively contribute and become custodians of compassionate care, moving beyond being mere recipients. This collaborative approach ensures that the essence of our mission is woven into the fabric of each community we serve.

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