How We Do

In the realm of palliative care, where the support of family and friends may not always be feasible, the role of a dedicated palliative care team becomes crucial. At Alpha Palliative Care, our Alpha-Link Centers operate seamlessly under Alpha Hospices to offer a spectrum of services including home care, daycare, and Punarjani (Neurorehabilitation) care.

Our innovative 'hub and spokes' model is the backbone of our service delivery, with Alpha Hospices serving as the central hub at the district level and Link Centers acting as spokes operating at block panchayat levels. While Alpha Hospices are specifically designed for symptom control and not intended for long-term stays, they provide round-the-clock services in a home-like environment.

Alpha Hospice, functioning 24*7, serves as a haven for patients dealing with symptoms such as pain, fatigue, vomiting, and breathlessness. Individuals can be admitted for short-term symptom management, after which they may return home to their families or, in the absence of family support, transfer to a nursing home. In certain cases, this may also encompass end-of-life treatment.

Beyond direct patient care, Alpha Hospices play a pivotal role in the training of healthcare professionals. We offer training in palliative medicine to physicians, nurses, and community volunteers, fostering a community of skilled individuals dedicated to providing compassionate care. Furthermore, Alpha Hospices play a vital role in the distribution of palliative drugs to various hospice link centers, ensuring the availability of essential medications where needed. Our holistic approach not only addresses the immediate needs of patients but also extends to building a network of trained professionals committed to enhancing palliative care services across communities.