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For patients facing terminal illnesses, such as advanced-stage cancer, palliative care emerges as the pivotal means to enhance their quality of life by alleviating pain and delivering emotional and spiritual support. This comprehensive approach to care involves a multidisciplinary team comprising doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, counselors, and more. Palliative care is not only essential in terms of medical expertise but also resource-intensive, requiring medical equipment, consumables, and logistic support.

Through our innovative hub and spoke model and efficient operational practices, Alpha has successfully delivered high-quality, free-of-cost care to thousands of patients across the state, maintaining a commendable running cost of just 100 Rupees per day. Now, we seek your support to expand our reach, enabling us to extend this exceptional level of care to even more patients. Your contribution will play a vital role in ensuring that individuals facing terminal illnesses receive the best care possible, providing comfort and support during challenging times. Thank you for considering supporting our mission.

Rs. 100 for One Day Palliative Care for one patient


Total Amount : INR 3000